Life in the Time of Covid-19

Six feet UnderPrecautions and etiquette during the Covid Pandemic:

Stay home as much as you can, it’s the first line of defense.

Cover your face in public or when grocery shopping, to protect yourself and others.

Stay six feet apart from other human as much as feasible to minimize cross contamination.

Stay home if you are sick or have a fever and call for medical assistance.

Obey stores safety directives and precautions, they are here to help you stay safe, return the favor and make sure they are safe too.

If feasible, one car one shopper, to limit the density of shoppers and the spread of the disease.

Go shopping with a list prepared in advance, it helps spending as little time in the stores as needed.

Wash hands often, or use hand sanitizers before and after shopping.

Be courteous and understanding, people are scared and react differently than you and me.

As Citizens of our beautiful country, it is each and everyone of us responsibility to join the communal effort to defeat covid-19, it is our Civic Duty.

The better we follow precautionary advices, the sooner our great country will get back to normal.

And, I almost forgot: DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!